Buying Replacement Telecaster Body

Is it safe to get a replacement telecaster body?

Yes! It definitely is. In fact, it may be a better option for you to get a replacement telecaster body as opposed to a genuine Fender telecaster body. The reason for this is because Fender is such a massive company that their prices have to be high but there are many builders and crafters out there who make replacement telecaster bodies just as good, if not better than the real thing.

Who Compares replacement telecaster bodies? 

Guitarpickzone has a comprehensive article regarding the buying replacement telecaster body. You can check it out at

Which replacement telecaster body is for you? 

The answer to that question depends entirely on what it is you are needing or wanting from the guitar. We suggest you read the telecaster body replacement, article suppliued by GPZ as mentioned above. It compares both the genuine Fender telecaster body with some generic telecaster bodies.

The results and conclusion is epic!

Get your replacement telecaster body today!